Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund?

Established through a series of legislative and institutional processes between Jordan and Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund pursues strategic and commercially viable investments in Jordan’s most promising industries.


When was the Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund established?

It was established in 2017 as a Limited Public Shareholding Company per the Jordan Investment Fund Law No. (16) of 2016.


Who owns the Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund?

The Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund is fully owned by the Saudi Jordanian Investment Company (“SJIC”) , a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (“PIF”).


Why was the Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund created?

In line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, SJIF represents one of Saudi Arabia’s initiatives of diversifying its global investments and fostering further regional cooperation. At the same time, SJIF aims at propelling socioeconomic growth and development in Jordan through its investments.


What kind of projects does SJIF invest in?

The company’s strategy focuses on pursuing sustainable and feasible investments across three key tracks:

  • PPP Infrastructure Projects: lucrative infrastructure projects that are integral to enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the Jordanian economy. The company seeks long-term public-private partnerships, with the ownership of assets ultimately being transferred to the Government of Jordan following the conclusion of each project’s concession period.
  • Strategic Sectors: uncovering Jordan’s untapped potential through a variety of greenfield development projects, with a particular focus on healthcare, information technology, and tourism.
  • Growth Capital Investments: supporting the growth of successful and promising Jordanian businesses by providing them with the financial resources, guidance, and support to realize their expansion plans.


How does SJIF select the projects it invests in?

SJIF conducts an initial screening process to ensure alignment with its investment criteria and objectives, which is then followed by a thorough technical and financial assessment of the pursued opportunities. In each project, SJIF seeks competent and reputable partners, operators, and financiers to ensure quality execution.