The Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund (“SJIF”) is a Limited Public Shareholding Company that is fully owned by the Saudi Jordanian Investment Company (“SJIC”), a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (“PIF”).

SJIF was formed in 2017 and registered per the Jordan Investment Fund Law number 16 for 2016, specialized in investing in Jordan’s infrastructure and high growth sectors.


SJIF believes in Jordan as a lucrative market for infrastructure investing across a number of sectors that include transportation, logistics, tourism, healthcare, power, water….

Upholding professional conduct and the highest ethical standards are cornerstones in SJIF’s activities, and are crucial guiding principles in its investment approach.


SJIF was established with a vision of fueling continuous development and economic progress. Therefore, the company works to ensure the long-term operational, financial….



PPP Infrastructure Projects

Pursuing viable, strategic infrastructure projects, executed on a PPP basis, that help enhance the efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of the Jordanian economy

Strategic Sectors

Leading, or actively participating in, private sector led opportunities in key economic sectors (primarily healthcare and tourism) to elevate capacities and stimulate economic growth

Growth Capital

Supporting the growth and expansion of promising and successful businesses in sectors such as agri-business, food processing, energy, and pharmaceuticals by providing them with necessary equity funding and strategy support