SJIF applies a rigorous, disciplined, and multipronged investment approach to build a diversified portfolio across various industries and stages of the business life cycle.

Beyond the provision of equity capital, SJIF seeks to add value through active cooperation with the management teams of its portoflio companies. This includes support in developing business strategies, executing plans, attracting competent talent, acquiring funding, instilling sound governance practices, and managing risks. The company’s expertise and vast network is also utilized in supporting the growth and development of SJIF’s portfolio companies.

SJIF invests across three main tracks:



SJIF continually works to identify viable infrastructure projects that help enhance the efficiency and productivity of the Jordanian economy. The company seeks out fruitful public-private partnerships across a number of sectors,
including transportation,
energy, tourism, and

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SJIF aims to uncover Jordan’s untapped potential in key sectors of economic activity. Through various greenfield projects – including in healthcare, information technology,
and tourism – the company aims
to elevate the capacities of
key industries and help
propel economic growth
and job creation in

Jordanian businesses have long demonstrated their resilience and competitiveness. SJIF seeks to support the growth and expansion of already-promising and successful businesses by providing them with necessary equity funding and guidance and helping them access new markets and identify new partners.